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Inflexion Analytics helps its clients get ahead with analytics. We use our years of experience and technical skills to help clients deliver BI systems and analytics that make a real difference to their performance. We focus not only on building best in class systems, but also work closely with clients to empower their teams and organisations with analytics.

Inflexion Analytics takes a holistic approach to analytics, providing skills across the analytics spectrum. With skills in data warehousing, reporting and predictive technologies, our end to end understanding is crucial in building systems that are optimised from both a business and technical perspective and allows us to deliver the very best solutions for our clients.

Here are some examples that describe specific applications and how they are created.

Data as a Service
Simplify data preparation
Be more efficient and take action on your data more easily. We provide a cloud based data preparation and integration, automation service, that can eliminate many hours of manual work in Excel. Eliminate waste, save time and get the answers you need from your reporting faster and more accurately.


With 85% of data reporting teams repeating the same exporting and downloading tasks over and over again with every new project, companies are wasting valuable time and money.

Eliminate Redundant Work

Managing those daily, weekly or monthly repetitive tasks becomes as simple as checking your email. Be notified right away about problems that may arise.

Tableau is a truly self-serve analytics tool that empowers business teams with analytics and visualisations without the need for technical skills.

We are proud to be a Tableau partner and offer expert consultancy, bespoke training and dedicated support for Tableau users. We also help clients get started with Tableau, providing a guided evaluation of Tableau to help teams demonstrate and assess the benefits of self-serve analytics.

Enhance Dashboards

Need extra capacity? Access Tableau experts on demand to help meet any of your requirements including dashboard development, enhancement and server management. We provide the most flexible and competitive offering in the market.

Accelerate Learning

Empower your team with Tableau training and maximise your Tableau investment. Whether you are new to tableau or an experienced analyst developing advanced visualisations in Tableau, we have a training program to help you build your expertise. We offer the following programs.

Tableau Basic

Two day course for beginner to intermediate-level Tableau user.

  • Learn Tableau basics

  • Create interactive dashboards

Tableau Intermediate

Two day course for users with Tableau experience.

  • Create advanced visualisations

  • Solve complex data problems

Bespoke Tableau Training

We offer tailored training programs to meet your teams training requirements. These can include one on one collaborative sessions as targeted programs to address the priorities of your team.

Evaluate Tableau

We offer a free, no commitment, two week guided evaluation of Tableau helping your team get hands on with Tableau, building their understanding and developing initial dashboards to share with stakeholders. It’s a great way to truly evaluate the impact of self-serve Tableau analytics.

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Technology is a means to achieving business goals. Our expertise combined with our experience and business understanding, allows us to help our clients get the most from technology. Our broad range of technology skills means we can always help clients select the best tool to meet their goal.

The following are some examples of technologies in which we have extensive experience.

power BI
Our founders have worked together for many years providing business intelligence services to blue chip US and UK companies helping them to manage the risks that arise from scale and complexity. We have come together to build a company focusing on analytics for mid-sized companies. Our approach helps such clients radically reduce the costs of creating appropriate, scalable and effective information management and analytics capabilities.
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Haneesh Iqbal
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Co Founder
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Rishabh Dhingra
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