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    A flexible and scalable data analytics service for SMEs

    Access a turnkey data team for SMEs from a leading data analytics agency. Fully flexible and scalable, we provide you with the data analytics services you need, when you need them:

    • A flexible, scalable on demand team from a leading data analytics agency
    • A full spectrum data analytics service from strategy to engineering and analysis
    • A highly experienced team dedicated to customer success

    Become a data-driven organisation with a data team from Inflexion Analytics.

    Access a data analytics service that provides the full spectrum of skills you need: data strategy, report development, data engineering and data science skills.


    Maximise value and eliminate waste

    Optimise resource utilisation – only pay for the productive time you need

    Full flexibility and scalability

    Scale your data team up or down to meet fluctuating resourcing needs

    Get the right skills for the right job

    Access the full range of data skills and an optimally leveraged team structure

    Reduce risk with a reliable data partner

    Ensure service continuity and eliminate in-house turnover risk


    "Great job!. An industry-leading solution "
    Vice President
    Sales Benchmark Index
    "We have been impressed with your quality of service and are getting much more than we even realised was possible out of the data "
    Joe Bailey,Sales and Marketing Manager
    LINC Medical
    "Inflexion Analytics provide excellent service. They make it easy to select a design that shows data in a clear and comprehensible manner. I found them responsive, making it easy to manage project timelines and budgets."
    Dr. Gabrielle Ostrognay, Managing Director
    GOPP Pty. Ltd.

    We work with you to create the business intelligence systems you need to:

    • Drive performance and meet your business priorities
    • Get the insights you need to make an impact
    • Become a data-driven organisation

    Delivering value from business analytics

    Successful business analytics requires a combination of skills, each delivered by a different data analytics expert. The inflexion data team offer access to:

    Data strategy skills from experienced industry analysts

    Report-building & analytics from experts in visual analytics

    Data scientists with a practical & commercial focus

    Data warehousing and ETL from experienced data engineers

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