Our Story

Transforming Data into Stories of Success

Our story

Our purpose

Inflexion Analytics was founded to help ambitious companies compete with larger competitors by providing access to the same high quality data analytics services at a market leading price. We want to help you get more from your budget for business analytics and help drive the performance, innovation and competiveness that drives productivity and progress.
A highly effective model

Refined over 20 years of working with some of the world’s most demanding bluechip companies on the leading edge of analytics, the Inflexion Analytics model helps you get more for less. We help you deliver measurable results at a market-leading cost by combining broad industry experience, deep technical skills and a focus on client success.

Getting more from data

Designing analytics that create value is key to success. Producing insights and data models that drive performance requires more than technical ability alone. Our industry experts work collaboratively with you to map out what is possible with your data, what is most urgent and what will make the largest impact.

A specialist data team

Inflexion Analytics is an analytics and data science specialist. As a specialist provider we have extensive experience and knowledge across the analytics domain. From understanding your strategy to engineering the data, applying the right techniques, creating visual analytics and sharing insights, this broad understanding is key to success.