Data science in business

Understand possibilities, see opportunities, realise value

Highly qualified team
Advanced techniques
Deep technical skills

What we offer

As experienced management consultants with access to a broad range of technical skills, we can help you apply data science concepts and techniques to business challenges. We help you choose right approach, prepare the data and apply advanced tools. We work closely with your internal team to co-create effective and impactful solutions and achieve results.

Inflexion analytics can support each phase:

  • Discovery phase: What’s possible with your challenge, your data and modern tools
  • Definition phase: Quantify the opportunities, returns, time and costs and define the task
  • Development phase: Deliver models and valuable outputs that impact business performance
  • Deployment phase: Incorporating the solution into new or existing reports, analytics, apps and processes


    How can we help?

    The business challenge

    We work with you to develop a true understanding of the business challenge, combining your perspective and experience with ours.

    The data

    Working closely with your team we identify all relevant data assets including complex and challenging data from multiple internal and external sources.

    The solution

    We match the business challenge and all viable data resources to the technical possibilities. Using our expertise in advanced technologies and techniques to create and validate the most appropriate models. We formulate the solution to use standard techniques and proven approaches.

    Realise the value

    We communicate methodology, models and results to stakeholders. We deploy actionable results which drive performance with your chosen analytics tool. We provide continuing support for the data, the models, the analytics and to the users to build capabilities.

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