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Get the full benefits of Tableau by engaging with an experienced partner that adapts to fit your needs. Leverage Tableau to create compelling visualisations, predictive analysis and actionable Tableau reporting and dashboards. We partner with you to engage and empower users to realise the business benefits.

  • Get breakthrough insights
  • Design interactive dashboards
  • Access all your data
  • Empower your teams
  • Achieve skills transfer

Tableau Products

If you are interested in learning more about Tableau you can download the free trial here and we’d be happy to walk you through the product features. We can help you connect to some of your data and see how easy it is to get started with Tableau.

Tableau Desktop

Tableau desktop allows you to create compelling visualizations at the speed of thought, with customized reports and charts. Blend visuals to create valuable and interactive dashboards, support real time analysis and discover meaningful insights that make an impact. Tableau d-esktop allows you to integrate data from a wide variety of sources into Tableau’s data engine to help you access all the data you need.

Tableau Server

Tableau Server allows you to share valuable insights with colleagues within your organisation. Host tableau workbooks, data sources and more to create a collaborative approach to analytics, ensuring insights are shared and acted upon across your organisation. Provides users with flexibility to edit dashboards, customise views, add alerts, leverage existing analysis and present findings, all while ensuring governance over data accessibility and security.

Tableau Online

Tableau online is Tableau Server hosted on servers in the cloud managed by the Tableau group. Allow Tableau to manage the infrastructure needs. Easily integrating with both on premises sources and over 40 cloud data sources such as MySQL, Hive and many more, eliminating the need for your organisation to waste time and resources on configuring hardware, scalability and managing maintenance.