Dive into Data: Exploring Insights and Trends

Introduction: Transforming the Retail Landscape Large retail firms led the way in using cloud services to improve profitability, making improvements to the productivity of back-office functions and in facilitating omnichannel customer support. These approaches were so successful in enhancing their profitability that they are now entering the mainstream. Retailers used tools like Google Big Query […]

Navigating the Transition to a New Era of Analytics Since its launch in 2010, of its cloud-based analytics software, Chartio has acquired a substantial base of satisfied customers. However, the recent decision by its new owners, Atlassian, to withdraw Chartio from the market, requires those customers to migrate their analytics to a new tool. The […]

How COVID has impacted the supply chain The resilience of supply chains is being tested. There has been political disruption to trade flows and disruption from catastrophic events, notably the Covid 19 pandemic. The most dramatically visible impact has been on container traffic, which carries a quarter of the world’s traded goods by volume and […]

Introduction The new generation of analytics tools make it easy to produce visual analytics from data without technical skills. What is important now in analytics is the business and data understanding to create actionable insights. The top three things to consider when setting up your analytics would be: Aligning business priorities with analytics KPIs Getting […]

Revolutionizing Sales: Unlocking the Power of Analytics in Sales Consultation Effectiveness While there are many ways to monitor sales force effectiveness, the actual course that any individual sales consultation takes can usually only be understood by people that are present. But this is beginning to change, and analytics can now be applied to sales consultations […]

The next agricultural revolution With the world population set to reach 8.5 billion by the year 2030, farming businesses are facing enormous pressures to innovate—and fast. The biggest farms are already using technology to manage their activities, especially in the U.S. where automation is being used to produce more food than ever before. It is upon us and […]

Are you interested in leveraging Google Analytics to maximise the value of your data? In this article, we’ll review the Google Data Studio and break down how data analytics is transforming business. What is a ‘Daily Active User’? A Daily Active User (DAU) represents the total number of visitors who engaged with a web product […]

How Supply Chain Resilience Is Used In Businesses? The resilience of supply chains has been tested in recent years by some catastrophic events and by political disruption to trade flows. Supply chain managers have developed some pragmatic approaches to risk management and some useful tools, including the ability to visualise supply chain dynamics. These tools […]

AI As A Source Of Opportunities   All firms are exploring AI opportunities and working out how to apply AI to their businesses. The widespread belief that AI will be transformational is behind the recommendation that firms make significant investments of time and money in creating the necessary capabilities. Though undoubtedly valid, this advice has […]

A Portfolio of Project Risks Organizations that undertake many projects experience variance in the performance of each project and so adopt a portfolio approach to managing risk. The variance of the performance of the portfolio of projects will be lower than the variance of any individual project. The risks of the portfolio must be monitored […]