Data Engineering

Engineering Data Excellence for Seamless Insights

Access all the data you need

The foundation of effective analytics is well organised, structured and accessible data. Pull together data from across your organisation and automate refreshes so you always have the data you need, when you need it. Create a single source of truth using well designed data structures and processes to power effective analytics and drive performance across your organisation. Today, the data that powers analytics is found in multiple sources and platforms across your organisation. Combining data from these sources can lead to powerful data science models and analysis.

Inflexion analytics can support you to:
  • Design, build & maintain data warehouses
  • Migrate existing databases to the cloud
  • Cleanse data & improve data quality
  • Implement master data management
  • Prepare data for analytics & data science

Strategic data architecture

Internet data

Social media, Mobile apps, Website, Digital marketing, Advertising

Internal data

ERP, Financials, CRM, Sales,

Partner data

Channel partners, Customers

Third-party purchased data

Dun & bradstreet IMS Bloomberg

Open data

Government & Inter-governmental bodies

Alternative data

Satellite & aerial imagery Mobile data Telecom data Location data

How can we help

Data warehousing

Designing data warehouses by applying tools and our deep appreciation of business value in analytics

Data engineering

Preparing, enriching, normalising and transforming data for data analytics and data science

Data management

Applying data management (MDM) & data governance disciplines for security and compliance