Data Strategy

Strategizing Data for Sustainable Business Advantage

What we offer

Every firm with ambition needs a data strategy that will build value. We can help you to define and deliver a data architecture that will match your vision. Our consultants will work with your people to define an effective and efficient roadmap that can be delivered within time and budget constraints.

Inflexion analytics can support you to:
  • Identify and manage strategic data assets
  • Achieve consensus on priorities and timescales
  • Agree a roadmap to meet current & future needs
  • Shared commitment to disciplines, process & policy
  • Phased and costed implementation plan
What are the

benefits of data strategy

Strategic value

Prepares leaders, business staff, analytics teams, and end users to work and think in new ways, to use high quality proprietary data for strategic advantage, adding to the firm’s valuation.

Immediate tactical value

Supports data-driven insights to improve strategic alignment, effectiveness, competency levels, business processes and business performance.

Optimise technology selection

Increases flexibility and responsiveness and reduces operating costs with the latest low-cost, scalable technology services.

Access the full potential

Frees-up “trapped” and “incompatible” data from internal silos and brings in relevant open and alternative data.

Reduce risks

Hold data securely, use data ethically and comply with regulatory requirements across your organisation.

Reduce costs

A well-planned strategy eliminates wasted time and money and is flexible, to accommodate change without disruption.