Data visualisation

Empower your team with actionable insights

Get insights that drive performance
Make an impact on decisions

Get actionable insights

Visual analytics help business users to understand their data intuitively, share actionable insights and influence decisions.

Effective, well designed dashboards drive performance and align your team behind strategic priorities. Whether you’re an advanced user of visual analytics technologies or just starting out, looking to use open-source tools or one of the industry’s most advanced, we can support you.

Inflexion analytics can support you to:

  • Find the tool that works for you
  • Design effective analytics
  • Roll-out critical dashboards
  • Improve dashboard performance
  • Incoporate data science models


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    Data visualisation tools


    Tableau’s business user focused design and rich feature set make it one of the industry’s leading tools for advanced data and business analysis

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    Power BI

    Microsoft’s highly cost effective Power BI technology is highly capable and fits in seamlessly with existing Microsoft data technologies

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    How to choose an analytics tool

    There are two key areas to assess when choosing the right visualisation tool for you. We can help you understand which tool will deliver the greatest overall benefits. We have worked with multiple data visualisation tools and dashboard solutions over many years; both in in cloud and on-premises settings.

    • How easy to use is it for the people turning insights into action.
    • The longevity, technology fit and cost effectiveness of the tool.

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