Dive into Data: Exploring Insights and Trends

Oddly (and fortunately), for our team at Inflexion Analytics and a number of companies like us, Coronavirus COVID-19 hasn’t changed the way we work. We’ve been using a remote globally distributed workforce since our founding in 2015. Remote working has been presented as a challenge for businesses, but we chose this model pre-pandemic because we […]

Warren Buffett recommends that consumer firms “put a moat around their brands”. But the arrival of digital-first competitors means they might need something more up to date. Consumer firms’ strategic positioning rests on the power of brands – so everything depends on a firm’s ability to defend its brands. We discussed recently how strategic dashboards […]

As in the case of Reckitt Benckiser, well-designed strategic performance dashboards can have a transformative effect on a business. So, what are the important principles that make such dashboards effective? Each day businesses carry out a great number of activities. However, some activities are more important than others. These are the activities on which the company’s strategic […]

OVID-19 is changing the world and hitting retailers particularly hard; but in the medium to long term, might these changes lead to new opportunities for retailers and help level the playing field with e-commerce giants? Changes Inspired by COVID-19 So what are some of the longer term effects that we might see as a result […]