Since its launch in 2010, of its cloud-based analytics software, Chartio has acquired a substantial base of satisfied customers. However, the recent decision by its new owners, Atlassian, to withdraw Chartio from the market, requires those customers to migrate their analytics to a new tool. The deadline for this change is 1st March 2022. So, the time is short for current Chartio customers to choose a new tool and to plan and implement the transition. This is particularly the case for customers that may also want to take the opportunity to cost-effectively enhance their analytics at the same time as migrating. New tools can offer greater functionality, new analytics possibilities, and worthwhile cost savings.

Inflexion Analytics can help clients of Chartio switch to either Microsoft Power BI, Salesforce’s Tableau, or Google’s Data Studio before the deadline. These replacement options are all mainstream tools to which their owners are committed as part of their platform offerings and so a safer option in which to invest. Both Power BI and Tableau offer additional functionality that you could use to enhance your reports and analytics.

We can help you choose the option best suited to your situation and help you migrate. For most users of Chartio, this transition can be completed within two weeks.

We can get all the required information from the current Chartio implementation. This covers data sources, queries, visualisations, users and usage, and report scheduling. We can use this information to create an efficient data model and replicate the reports.

As well as merely replicating the current reporting, we can take the opportunity to explore with you and your users what they find useful in the current Chartio reports and what they might like to be changed while the replication is going ahead. For example, you might choose, while replacing, to take this as an opportunity to make some useful changes, or to plan to enhance your reporting more comprehensively, perhaps as a second phase. Once we understand your objectives, we can suggest worthwhile enhancements and show you the new possibilities.

It may also be possible to take advantage of the migration to replace any third-party tools that you are using to integrate your data sources and structure it for Chartio with more modern and lower-cost alternatives, e.g., tools like Google Big Query, perhaps with the ETL built-in open-source tools like Pentaho and Python, so reducing your ongoing costs.

The work can be done remotely, over online collaboration tools like Zoom, Teams or Slack. We can use this to liaise with your analysts, tech team and users. Once we have access to your Chartio reports and the data sources on which they are based, we can scope the replication work accurately and give you a firm quote.

As you may know, Inflexion Analytics is a leading specialist in data analytics, based in London, UK, a Microsoft gold partner for data analytics, a Tableau Select partner, a Google partner and, an expert in Qlik. We are experts in commercial analytics, data science, data engineering, data warehousing and data visualisation.