With just one day left until Google Cloud’s annual Next conference, set to run from April 9th to April 11th in Las Vegas, anticipation is high for Next ’24. This year’s event promises to be bigger and more technically comprehensive than ever. Whether you’re a developer, business leader, or technology enthusiast, Next ’24 offers a wealth of expertise across various topics, products, and solutions. Attendees can look forward to exclusive trainings, demos, real-world success stories, and inspiring talks.

At Next ’24, attendees will have the opportunity to harness the power and scalability of Google Cloud’s operational databases – AlloyDB, Cloud SQL, and Spanner. Additionally, they can explore how AI can streamline data management processes and unlock real-time insights. Sessions will cover mastering BigQuery for lightning-fast analytics on large datasets, visualising findings using the intuitive capabilities of Looker, and utilising generative AI to glean deeper insights from data. With these cutting-edge Google Cloud tools, attendees will gain the tools needed to drive better, more informed decision-making.

As a Google Cloud partner, Inflexion Analytics would recommend 10 must-attend sessions around data to add to your Google Cloud Next ’24 agenda:

1. What’s next for Google Cloud databases • SPTL203

Dive into the world of Google Cloud databases and discover next-generation innovations that will help you modernize your database estate to easily build enterprise generative AI apps, unify your analytical and transactional workloads, and simplify database management with assistive AI. Join us to hear our vision for the future of Google Cloud databases and see how we’re pushing the boundaries alongside the AI ecosystem.  >> Add to my agenda <<

2. What’s next for data analytics in the AI era • SPTL202

With the surge of new generative AI capabilities, companies and their customers can now interact with systems and data in new ways. To activate AI, organizations require a data foundation with the scale and efficiency to bring business data together with AI models and ground them in customer reality. Join this session to learn the latest innovations for data analytics and business intelligence, and see why tens of thousands of organizations are fueling their journey with BigQuery and Looker. >> Add to my agenda <<

3. The future of databases and generative AI • DBS104

Learn how AI has the potential to revolutionize the way applications interact with databases and explore the exciting future of Google Cloud‘s managed databases, including Cloud SQL, AlloyDB, and Spanner. We will also delve into the most intriguing frontiers on the horizon, such as vector search capabilities, natural language processing in databases, and app migration with large language model-powered code migration. >> Add to my agenda <<

4. What's new with BigQuery • ANA112

Join this session to explore all the latest BigQuery innovations to support all structured or unstructured data, across multiple and open data formats, and cross-clouds; all workloads, whether Cloud SQL, Spark, or Python; and new generative AI use cases with built-in AI to supercharge the work of data teams. Learn how you can take advantage of BigQuery, a single offering that combines data processing, streaming, and governance capabilities to unlock the full power of your data. >> Add to my agenda <<

5. A deep dive into AlloyDB for PostgreSQL • DBS216

Powered by Google-embedded storage for superior performance with full PostgreSQL compatibility, AlloyDB offers the best of the cloud. With scale-out architecture, a no-nonsense 99.99% availability SLA, intelligent caching, and ML-enabled adaptive systems, it’s got everything you need to simplify database management. In this session, we’ll cover what’s new in AlloyDB, plus take a deep dive into the technology that powers it. >> Add to my agenda <<

6. BigQuery’s multimodal data foundation for the Gemini era • ANA116

In the era of multimodal generative AI, a unified, governance-focused data platform powered by Gemini is now paramount. Join this session to learn how BigQuery fuels your data and AI lifecycle, from training to inference, by unifying all your data — structured or unstructured — while addressing security and governance.  >> Add to my agenda <<

7. Best practices to maximize the availability of your Cloud SQL databases • DBS210

Customers use Cloud SQL to run their business-critical applications. The session will dive deep into Enterprise Plus edition features, how Cloud SQL achieves near-zero downtime maintenance, and behaviors that affect availability and mitigations — all of which will prepare you to be an expert in configuring and monitoring Cloud SQL for maximum availability. >> Add to my agenda <<

8. Make generative AI work: Best practices from data leaders • ANA122

Join experts from Databricks, MongoDB, Confluent, and Dataiku for an exclusive executive discussion on harnessing generative AI’s transformative potential. We’ll explore how generative AI breaks down multicloud data silos to enable informed decision-making and unlock your data’s full value. Discover strategies for integrating generative AI, addressing challenges, and building a future-proof, innovation-driven data culture. >> Add to my agenda <<

9. Spanner: Beyond relational? Yahoo! Mail says yes • DBS203

Imagine running your non-relational workloads at relational consistency and unlimited scale. Yahoo! dared to dream it, and with Google Spanner, it plans to make it a reality. Dive into its modernization plans for the Mail platform, consolidating diverse databases, and unlocking innovation with unprecedented scale.  >> Add to my agenda <<

10. Talk with your business data using generative AI • ANA113

Getting insights from your business data should be as easy as asking Google. That is the Looker mission – instant insights, timely alerts when it matters most, and faster, more impactful decisions, all powered by the most important information: yours. Join this session to learn how AI is reshaping our relationship with data and how Looker is leading the way. >> Add to my agenda <<


It’s a go time!  See you at #googlecloudnext2024