As we journey into a new era of data analytics, characterised by enterprise-wide transformation through a virtuous cycle of data analytics, and AI, we’re excited to share groundbreaking innovations in BigQuery and Looker at Google Cloud Next ’24. Let’s explore the key highlights regarding data analytics at Google Next 2024 were:

1. BigQuery: A Unified AI-Ready Data Platform

At the core of our data analytics revolution lies BigQuery, Google Cloud’s unified AI-ready data platform. Offering support for multimodal data, multiple serverless processing engines, and built-in streaming and data governance capabilities, BigQuery empowers organisations to navigate the entire data-to-AI lifecycle seamlessly. With the introduction of BigLake, our unified storage engine, users gain access to a universal view of data, whether structured or unstructured, along with built-in governance and fine-grained access controls. Additionally, the expansion of open format support with Iceberg and Delta file format previews, coupled with cross-cloud capabilities through partnerships with industry leaders like Salesforce, further enhances data accessibility and flexibility.

2. New BigQuery Integrations with Gemini Models in Vertex AI

Exciting integrations between BigQuery and Vertex AI introduce advanced capabilities for multimodal analytics, vector embeddings, and fine-tuning of language and multimodal models. By connecting models in Vertex AI directly with enterprise data stored in BigQuery, organisations can leverage the power of Generative AI for data analysis, sentiment extraction, classification, topic detection, and more.

3. Gemini in BigQuery: AI-Powered Data Experiences

The introduction of Gemini in BigQuery marks a significant milestone in AI-powered data experiences. With contextual awareness of business metadata, usage data, and semantics, Gemini in BigQuery enhances user productivity and optimises costs throughout the analytics lifecycle. From query recommendations to low-code visual data pipeline development tools, Gemini empowers users to derive valuable insights effortlessly. The innovative data canvas feature, a natural language-based experience for data exploration and visualisation, revolutionises how users interact with and derive insights from their data.

4. Gemini in Looker: Transforming Data Analytics

In a bid to democratize data analytics, Google has announced the private preview of Gemini in Looker. This integration enables business users and analysts to engage with their data through conversational analytics, report generation, LookML assistance, and automated Google slide generation. Seamlessly integrated with Workspace, Gemini in Looker empowers users to access and visualise insights directly within their familiar work environment.

As Google continues to push the boundaries of data analytics, these innovations pave the way for a future where data becomes more accessible, insights more actionable, and decisions more informed.

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