Dive into Data: Exploring Insights and Trends

Introduction There are five key communities with an interest in sustainability; consumers, firms, investors, institutions, and governments. Consumer attitudes are hardening, firms and investors are scrambling to get measures in place, intergovernmental bodies are taking initiatives, politicians are trying to reach a consensus. The efforts of these communities are commendable. But the analytics for sustainability […]

Real-time Analytics is a way of analysing the data as soon as it’s generated. Data is processed as it arrives and the business gets insights delivered without any delay. Real-time Analytics is useful when you are looking to build analytics and reporting that you need to respond to quickly. It’s how we ensure the analysis […]

One reason for the success of big Pharma is superior prowess in sales and marketing. Once R&D (Research & Development) has delivered a new patented innovation with global market potential, the marketing and sales activities promote rapid global adoption and shorten the time to peak sales within the patent life. Big Pharma has long dominated […]

Hi Again! I’m back with another post on BigQuery, Power BI and Google Sheets. Today, we’ll be looking at how to connect Power BI and Google Sheets. Ideally, I’d want to create a DirectQuery connection between Power BI and Google Sheets, because the data in my Google spreadsheet changes frequently, and we need the latest […]

Cloud services are now the default choice for all firms. The economies of scale available to the cloud service providers make this the most efficient way to provide storage and cloud computing capacity. Customers now pay for services based on capacity and usage and capacity can be scaled as required. Management of cloud services costs […]

You already make decisions using common-sense and data. Algorithms help by making it practical to use a lot more data. – if you have it. The logic behind the decisions, with or without algorithms, is often the same. For example, you already make decisions and predictions based on your understanding of relationships like the causal […]

Introduction – Engaging Your Web Audience This note is for the CFOs of firms with a web presence and would like an outline roadmap for investing in that presence and the associated analytics. It is not addressed to people in digitally led, consumer-oriented businesses for whom digital is a strategic concern who will find other […]

There are more than a thousand different digital marketing automation tools available. There are few entry barriers into the digital marketing technology business. The underlying technology is cheap, the skills are readily available in the global gig economy, it is easy to scale, and the risks are low. So, the number of firms competing in […]

If you’re the CFO of a consumer business, it’s likely your business is becoming increasingly multi-channel. Your role in balancing investments between these channels and investments in brands is therefore increasingly demanding. Understanding the trade-offs between the investments in brands and investments in the retail channels that help reach consumers, is ever more challenging.  Investments in digital marketing will help build important strategic assets, such as brand equity and consumer intelligence. But the same brand equity risks being […]

Hello, welcome to this Inflexion Analytics technical blog. If you’ve reached here then it’s safe to presume that you’d like to know how to import  ‘unnested’ data from BigQuery to Power BI. So let’s get started. What is UNNEST? UNNEST is a function used in Google BigQuery to convert an array into a set of […]